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1. This is korean and japan items which is fully made from there. All items here are pre order items. Which is you will get the items within one or two weeks.

2. All items are free size suitable for S & M.

3. Amount of payment will be refunded back to the buyer if the order item is out of stock.

4. Serious buyer only.

5. Buying is at your own risk.

6. The price does not included postage fee.

7. Goods sold cannot returnable, refundable and exchangeable.

8. We will not responsible for any parcel's lost or damage during delivery.

9.To make an order, please filling up the form. The form is at the top of this blog.

10. The items will be sent to you as soon as possible.

11. Please be make sure to email or message me when you all have make a payment.

12. Your items delivery can be check at pos laju websites.

13. Lastly, if you all have anything to ask just email or sms me okay.

Monday, June 7, 2010


Description: Inner : Length 72cm, Bust 86cm Outer : Length 48cm, Sleeve 38cm
Color: Red. Black, Pink, Purple
Fabric: Cotton + Chiffon
Description:Length 73cm, Bust 86cm, Shoulder 34 cm
Color: White, Black
Fabric: Cotton
RM 35.00
Description:Length 74cm, Bust 90cm, Shoulder 38cm, Sleeve 57cm
Color: Purple, Blue
Fabric: Cotton
RM 39.00
 Description: Length 76cm, Bust 92cm, Sleeve 52cm, Shoulder 36cm
Color: Black
Fabric: Cotton
RM 42.00

Description: elastic: high Belt: no, inner lining: yes, Size: length: 112cm(without sling) shoulder width: --cm length of sling: 17cm Bust: 66cm~88cm(stretchable) Sleeve Muscle: --cm Hem Width: 178cm
Color: Brown, Black, White
Fabric: Cotton + Knitting
RM 47.00
Description:elastic: A Bit Belt: no, inner lining: no, other accessories: no Size: Length: 57cm shoulder width: 31cm sleeve length: 29cm Bust: 81cm~96cm(stretchable) Sleeve Muscle: 40cm Cuffs: 20cm Hem Width: 66cm
Color: Pink
Fabric: Chiffon
RM 36.00
Description: Size : Free Size Bust:90CM~112 sleeve length:37CM shoulder width:38CM length:80CM
Color: Black, White
Fabric: Cotton
RM 37.00
Description: elastic:a bit Belt: no, inner lining: yes, with other accessories: no, Size: length: 87cm shoulder width: 38cm sleeve length: 46cm Bust: 90cm~103cm(stretchable) Sleeve Muscle: 46cm Cuffs: 30cm Hem Width: 140cm
Color: White
Fabric: Chiffon +Lace
RM 45.00
Description:Length 78cm, Bust 84cm, Shoulder 34cm, Sleeve 56cm
Color: Gray, Black
Fabric: Cotton
RM 40.00
Description:Length 77cm, Bust 83cm
Color: Black
Fabric: Satin
RM 39.00
Description: Length 66cm, Bust 85-100cm
Color: White
Fabric: Lycra Cotton
RM 39.00

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